Vichy Therapies

Detoxifying Marine Body Wrap - 90 minutes

Combining the richness of sea plants, algae, marine minerals and plant essences, this treatment is deeply detoxifying on all levels. Relax and enjoy an exfoliation with an organic green tea salt therapy that will leave skin soft and enlivened. A
warm Sodashi marine body mask is then applied before you are cocooned in a comforting wrap. A soothing scalp massage follows, inducing complete comfort and relaxation. An uplifting lotion leaves the whole body rejuvenated.

Refining Body Toner - 75 minutes

Begin with Sodashi’s jojoba body polish that glides over the skin to exfoliate and cleanse. A nurturing full body mask is then applied, cocooning you in a comforting wrap while the scalp is gently massaged. Sodashi’s refining body mask is rich in
pink clay and herbal extracts to firm, tone and condition the skin. This rejuvenation therapy is beneficial in the treatment of renewing scar tissue and stretch marks.

Vanilla Body Renewal - 60 minutes

This gentle all-over body exfoliation soothes and calms the mind while revitalising and hydrating the skin. Containing the active ingredient Sandalwood powder blended with olive oil and vanilla extract, this treatment is perfect to relieve tired
and aching muscles. A closing application of Sodashi’s deeply nourishing jasmine and rose body lotion infuses a beautiful fragrance to the skin.

Organic Green Tea Salt Therapy - 60 minutes

The combination of Sodashi’s organic green tea salt and mineral-rich crystal salts stimulates deep circulation to relieve stress and fatigue. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins C and E, this blend infuses soothing, relaxing properties to the underlying
muscles to help repair everyday wear and tear. As a finishing touch, application of an aromatic lotion will leave skin replenished and glowing.

Jojoba Body Polish - 45 minutes

A gentle all-over body exfoliation using jojoba beads and enriching Sodashi plant essences works together to refine the skin and relax the mind. This treatment buffs away dry cells to oxygenate the outer layers of the skin and is suitable for
the most sensitive of skin types. As a final touch, Sodashi’s aromatic body butter leaves the skin feeling silky smooth and refreshed.

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