Body Rituals

Our signature treatments draw inspiration from nature’s beauty ingredients and use the healing properties of pure plant botanicals to nurture both body and soul.

Silky Oaks Relaxation Ritual - 2 hours

Relax into a deep state of tranquillity, beginning with the Healing Waters Signature Body Massage. Fluid movements work to rebalance energy meridians while relieving physical tension. The Pure Radiance Facial is tailored to specific complexion needs and involves the placement of warm compresses on the face and neck to exfoliate the skin. A rich mask and facial massage restores skin with radiance.

Detoxifying Ritual - 3 hours

Designed to create a feeling of purity, this ritual begins with a full body exfoliation that draws upon the essential ingredients of green tea salt and crystal salts. Next, a detoxifying marine mask is applied and the body is wrapped to draw impurities from the skin. While cocooned, a luxurious hair and scalp mud releases pressure and tension while providing deep nourishment. A detox-specific massage and uplifting facial enhance the purification process.

Romance Ritual – ideal for couples 2.5 hours

This luxurious spa ceremony begins with a gentle all over body scrub using Sodashi’s jojoba bead polish scented with bergamot and ylang ylang. Sink into a warm, purifying mud bath to unwind before rinsing off under the rain shower overlooking the rainforest canopy. Select between a Pure Radiance Facial or Healing Waters Signature Body Massage (60-minutes). A nutrient-rich mud is then massaged into the hair and scalp, releasing tensions and leaving hair soft and shiny. Step out feeling renewed.

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