Kuku Yalanji Dreamtime Walk

The Daintree’s indigenous people live in harmony with their natural environment and invite guests to discover it with them. A guided rainforest walk with an indigenous guide demonstrates traditional use of plants for food and medicine and explains the Dreamtime legends of the rainforest. The Dreamtime Gorge Walk takes visitors on a journey along gentle rainforest tracks, visiting traditional shelters or humpies. An indigenous guide welcomes guests to country with a traditional ‘smoking ceremony’.

Experience the Daintree with local Kuku Yalanji guide

Local Aboriginal guides lead a tour of Kuku Yalanji country which encompasses both traditional and modern-day legends of the land. Operator Juan Walker and his team share traditional knowledge and experiences with guests. The Cultural Tour on the Daintree River’s southern side includes a guided rainforest walk learning about traditional hunting techniques, seasonal bush foods and medicine identification, while the Sightseeing Tour travels north, exploring Cape Tribulation and includes a guided rainforest walk with an introduction to seasonal bush foods and medicines.

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